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Peterson's Pantry has gone subscription based! Check out our plans and pricing to lock in your spot for weekly meal delivery! Delivery space is limited, so sign up now before they're gone!



How Does It Work?

We are subscription plans only. Take a look at our plans and pricing, pick the plan that you would like delivered weekly and pick one of our available delivery dates! Every week the day before your requested delivery, send us a message with your selections for the week and we will take care of the rest!

I'm Going On Vacation, Am I Able To Skip A Week If I Need To?

Absolutely! If you pay with Credit, Debit on the website or an Offline payment method such as CashApp, or Venmo, we can suspend your subscription for however long you need! If you pay with Paypal, we can still skip a week, however we have to completely cancel your subscription and re-sign you up when you're ready to reinstate your subscription!

Can I still place a normal order?

Absolutely! Our space is very limited but if we are able to accommodate your order on the date you request, we will be happy to help!

What Are The Payment Options?

We suggest paying for your subscription on the website with your credit or debit card, or offline payment (Venmo, Apple Pay, CashApp, or Zelle) PayPal is also an option!

What Days Do You Deliver?

We have delivery spots available for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

Is There A Delivery Fee?

If you are ordering after August 1, 2021, there is a delivery fee of $10! 100% of this charge will go directly to our driver!

Why Did You Raise Your Prices?

For the past two years, we have operated insanely below industry standard because we wanted to provide affordable vegan options for everyone! Then the pandemic hit and we kept our prices super low because people as a whole were struggling to make ends meet after being laid off from their jobs. Now that the pandemic is coming to an end, we are striving to charge an amount that will both keep us as a company afloat and still provide super affordable food and service for you all! Our prices are still well under industry standard! Our average price is around $10/person!

Food Allergies... Can You Help Me?

Absolutely we can! We cater to any and every dietary restriction be it an allergy or just a personal choice! Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Salt Free, Low Fat, Low Carb, Cilantro tastes like soap, you name it, we can accommodate you! Just let us know in the "Special Instructions" section when ordering! **Certified gluten free baked goods are not available at this time due to trace cross contamination with other baked goods ingredients.**

How Long Is The Food Good For? / Can I Freeze My Meals?

This is the beauty of how we prepare your meals. We shop for and cook your meals the same day we deliver which means you get the absolute freshest ingredients we can give you! Your order is cooked specifically for you on the day we deliver and we NEVER cook in bulk! You will never have to worry about how long ago something was made because the answer will always be TODAY! Once your food is delivered, it has a shelf life of 7 days if kept sealed in your fridge! Our black meal prep containers are freezer safe, so if you order too much, just pop it in your freezer and it'll stay good for about 30 days! Our family meals and single meals can also be frozen, just transfer the food into a freezer safe container!

Do You Have Anything Healthy?

We absolutely do! This is a huge part of what sets us apart from the other meal prep services here in the valley! We have a HUGE menu that is always available so you can eat as healthy or as naughty as you would like! (Or a good mix of both!) Starting August 1st 2021, we will have a new menu for those looking to take the guess work out of eating healthy with a set menu for those looking to eat on the lighter side! We are also adding a raw menu! Stay Tuned!


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