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Whether you're looking for a yummy meal for one, a week of dinners for the family, or catering for you and 300 of your closest friends, WE HAVE YOU COVERED! There's no party or event too big or too small, we take care of it all!

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Amazing and beautiful, delicious tasting cake, easy ordering process, fast responses and delivery! Will now have a new place to order our vegan/plant based foods and desserts!

Who We Are

We Are Mom and Pop!

Peterson’s Pantry is a local Mom and Pop business. Owned by Jaxon and Stephanie Peterson, and respectively run by us and our brood of teenagers and friends, we are the epitome of a family business. 

Our passion for excellence paired with over 25 years of experience has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every ingredient counts, right down to the salt and pepper we season your dish with. There is one ingredient that we never run short on and that's LOVE. (Did I mention how CORNY we are?)


Our Family

Get To Know Us


Stephanie "Mama Bear" Peterson


Stephanie has been dominating the food and beverage industry since she was a pre-teen serving hot dogs in a bingo hall concession stand. A jane of all trades, she went on to run restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, open and run pizza shops, and she even rounded out her career with a brief stint in accounting and computer science. In addition to all of this she somehow found time to become a licensed cosmetologist and have a husband and three kids!


Jaxon "Neechy" Peterson

Owner/Sous Chef/Delivery Driver

Jaxon is literally Stephanie's right hand in the kitchen and in life. The two have been best friends for 8 years and married for 7! The kitchen simply would not work without him! When Covid-19 hit, Jaxon took time away from his career as a casino Safety and Security Manager to focus on his growing family business. Prior to working in a casino, Jaxon also spent many years as a licensed veterinary technician!


Summer "Summey" Conboy

Kitchen Manager

Summey is working for the family business until someday she can take over it herself. She would also like to open up her own ocean-front school and veterinary clinic for both standard and aquatic pets alike! Aside from being a spitting image of Stephanie, she is also the cheerleader of the company always leaving words of encouragement around the kitchen for her team to find during those tense moments of being busy!


Sarah "Serendipity" Nies-Shackelford

Order Receiver

Sarah is always eager to assist with receiving our products and ensuring they get properly rotated into our inventory. When she's not being a responsible employee, you can usually find her on Tik Tok or spinning out of control on her hover board!


Adam "Mithner" Conboy

Order Receiver

Adam is our resident gamer and loves spending his time talking about any and everything horror movie related. He gets up early and receives all of our products for the day's orders and makes sure everything is put away safe and sound for your eating pleasure!


Charlotte "Charlito" Larason

Event & Delivery Assistant

Charlotte is our resident politician when she isn't assisting on deliveries and during events. In addition to being one of Summer's best friends she is always asking inquisitive questions in the kitchen to learn and always provides an extra dose of comedy that makes the day pass by a little bit faster!


Morgan "Morgi" Martin

Delivery Trainee

Morgan spends most of her time kicking butt on the softball field, but when she's not, she comes along for the ride to learn how to be a delivery driver when she passes her driver's test! One of Summer's best friends, Morgan is the story-teller of the group! And don't ever play old maid with her! She CHEATS!


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